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  • How can we get in touch with The Date Sultan?
    The Date Sultan would love to answer any personal query you may have. Please contact us by dropping an email on
  • Do you cater for weddings?
    Yes we do. We are able to create personalised favour boxes, hampers and also can provide a manned stand of dates for the big day.
  • What are your shipping methods and how long do they take?
    We're working hard to get your order packed quickly. Since our dates are freshly hand packed, it usually takes about one to three business days for us to pack up and ship out your order.
  • Are your dates ethically sourced?
    All our dates are sourced from farms inspected by the Date Sultan. We ensure our farmers pay a fair living wage and are free from Modern Slavery.
  • Where are your dates sourced from?
    We take great pride in where we source our dates from and who we source from. Currently our Medjool is sourced from Jordan and Egypt, and all our other varieties of dates are sourced from Madinah (Saudi Arabia). The Date Sultan has personally visited the farms and growers we work with.
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